Sales Skills

Top Sales Skills And Qualities

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How do you increase value? You may think it’s by improving your product quality or better pricing strategies or better terms to customers. Instead, your real value lies in developing your overall sales skills, so you help your clients to improve their business over time. Value can be seen as your overall worth to the marketplace and it’s how you…

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What Are The Different Types Of Selling?

By different types of sales, we’re referring to the styles that salespeople will adopt when they are with prospects and customers. Either face-to-face or online. Over the years the styles have changed because buyers’ needs have changed.  If we were to sell in the same way as the snake-oil salespeople of the Wild West in 19th century America, we would…

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How To Sell A Product To A Customer?

When you think of a salesperson, what immediately springs to mind? Is it the old ‘snake-oil’ salesperson of old who put their foot in the door, or never stops talking, or puts undue pressure on you to ‘sign today’? Hopefully, that age-old metaphor is long dead. But there are still people for whom the very notion of being ‘sold-to’ strikes…

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