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Woman with a question mark on headWe’ve all been told that buyers these days are only interested in price.

Well, if that’s what you really believe, you will be right. You’ll attract that response as soon as you open your mouth.

However, our research has shown that there are a great many buying motives that buyers display…and if you are able to tap into these, it will not only cast doubt on your firmly-fixed belief systems, but also may open up more opportunities for you to work with.

Some of those buying motives are listed here:

Fear of loss
Pride of ownership
Desire to have ahead of others

Now, just imagine if you had started talking about price before identifying what the customer was really motivated by.

And remember, when the customer brings up price, it may be a cover-up for one of those listed above. For example, they may talk price because they are simply greedy and want to have what you have for the lowest possible price. That greed might be better served some other way, with heavy discounts for ordering more.

Again, the price issue may come up because the prospect may want his ego stroked, and thinks that a low price will be the best way to achieve that particular goal. If you can find another way of boosting that ego without having to resort to giving away your product, you may just about have saved the day.

You can check their buying motives by simply asking, ‘what’s most important to you in a product like this, Mr Prospect?

This gives you their true motives. If they say ‘price’, question if they mean the cheapest or the best value. It will help you gain clarity on the very generic idea that they always buy the cheapest. A quick look around his office will prove that isn’t the case, as you spot a really good quality printer, phone system and mobile phone.

So, keep a lookout for their true buying motives, some of which will be hidden under their need for a good price.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director
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Originally published: 10 December, 2010

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