Do Not THINK About Closing the Sale

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ThinkThere are a million tips all over the world on what to do to help you close the sale. You can find all sorts of tips, tricks, and magical scripts, as well as a bunch of pat answers to objections. In addition, in some places, like here at MTD Sales Training, you will find some very sophisticated and powerful closing processes that will help you be more successful.

However, with all of the tips on what you should DO in closing the sale, the most important tip may actually be in what you should NOT do. So, short and sweet, here is one thing you should NEVER do when closing.

Never Force the Prospect to Make a Logical Decision
Many sales people feel that their product or service makes a world of good, old-fashioned logical sense. They feel that it is so easy to see and immediately understand the benefits the product or service offers, that many sales people cannot understand why any prospect would ever say “No.”

While that is a great way to think and believe in what you do, this thinking can cause some problems. Such ideology can prompt sales people to approach the close in a sensible and logical manner, expecting the prospect to be equally as reasonable. The sales person expects the prospect to understand the LOGIC of the offer. However, this is a mistake.

Emotion vs. Logic
What you must understand is that people make buying decisions based primarily on emotion and NOT logic. The decision to buy, to move forward, is an emotional decision. The buyer will then use the logic to help later justify the decision. Nevertheless, understand that the buying trigger is emotion.

If you inundate the prospect with all of the logical and sensible reasons they should buy, you simply educate the prospect, who then will usually buy from someone else.

What Do You Think?
During the sales interaction, of course, you must use a mixture of emotion and logic. However, during the close, you want the prospect to concentrate on the emotional content of your proposal. Guide the prospect to the emotion of the pain they suffer currently due to not having your product or the peace of mind they will enjoy with your service.

One of the last questions you want to ask while closing is, “What do you think?” You do not want the prospect to go down a logical thinking avenue. Instead, you want the prospect to begin to FEEL, not to THINK.

How Do You FEEL?
Too many sales people get to the close and begin to preach logic. They begin to push the prospect to THINK. “What do you think?” “So, what do you think?”

Is it any wonder that the prospect eventually says, “I want to THINK about it?”
Instead of, “So what do you think, Steve?” Try, “Now how do you FEEL about this, Steve?”

Use your logic, numbers, and facts to present the offer and to help the prospect back up and justify their buying decision. However, to get more positive buying decisions, concentrate on feelings and emotion.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 28 June, 2012

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