Does Your Prospect Have Quality Reasons To Meet?

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agreement between a man and a womanWe’ve often asked salespeople why the client or prospect should actually agree to meet with them. Their answers range from ‘Our product is best for them’ to ‘Our solution will solve their problems’.

These and other statements may actually be true; however, if the prospect doesn’t see a valid reason for meeting with you, expect objections and stalls. It’s not what you think that matters; it’s what the prospect thinks.

That’s why it’s so important to have quality reasons for establishing enough trust for the prospect to say yes when you request a meeting. And those reasons MUST make sense to them, not you.

These are the questions to ask yourself to ensure you have built up enough quality reasons for the prospect to meet you:

1) Does this quality reason build up enough priority on their to-do list that they are willing to spend the required time with me? What this means is they have to see the rationale as so important that it supercedes everything else they could be spending their time on.

2) Does this quality reason answer the prospect question, ‘What’s in it for me?’. This question will have to answered in the affirmative for you to even have a chance of seeing them.

3) How obvious is it that the reason relates to the prospect’s business more than it does mine? That is, is it clear that the meeting will concentrate on the current situations the prospect’s business is facing, rather than highlighting why I should be their choice of supplier?

4) Can you summarise the business reason well enough that it can be said in a message or voicemail left for the prospect? If it’s framed purely to say what you want to sell, then there is no point in leaving it. They won’t be interested. They’re only interested in what it will do for them.

Having sufficient quality reasons for the prospect to see you will underpin your and your prospect’s time that you are both giving up to discuss the options going forward.

Identify those reasons before even calling the prospect, so you both know the benefits both parties will achieve in solving the challenges they face.

Happy Selling!



Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 6 March, 2014

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