Don’t Lose Your Sales Focus!

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Focus GroupAs you know, proper preparation prevents poor performance.

You’ve done your homework before the call…you’ve checked your notes from previous meetings…you’ve gone through all the questions you might be asked and prepared quality answers…you’re prepared to share your background and why you are the right company for this prospect…you’ve got testimonials to back up your claims…all correct, yes?

Then you get to the meeting and it all goes wrong. Why?

Many times, it’s because you are not really present with the customer.

Yes, you might have the best solutions for the client, but you are so focused on your information and your presentation of the solution, that you fail to focus on the present moment, watching and listening for the subtle clues your client is sending you.

So, be focused on the emotions of the client. Watch their body language when you present. Notice their reactions when you ask specific questions.

Match and mirror their non-verbal reactions when you talk about your product. Listen for the specific comments they make when you present solutions.

If you are too focused on your products and services, you may miss the subtle messages that the client sends your way.

Preparation is vital, but remember to be present with the customer at the time it really matters…during the meeting.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 10 April, 2010

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