Don’t Under Promise And Over Deliver

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Under Promise Or Over Deliver Write On Sticky Notes Isolated OnIf you’re a subscriber to the “under promise and over deliver” philosophy then you’ll probably not survive in sales for too long.

I’ve read so many books that say you must under promise and then over deliver and I just shake my head at every single one!

Here’s why:

1. If you under promise you’ll most likely not win the business in the first place because prospects today want to be “surprised” and “excited” by what you offer

2. The modern day buyer can sniff out when you’re not “offering the best you can”

3. You should accurately promise and then try your very best to over deliver far above that promise

4. Your clients and prospects have very high expectations so you continually need to raise the bar

5. The modern day buyer is fully aware of the under promise and over deliver approach so they will know when you’re trying it on!

Overall, we need to raise the standards of sales professionalism worldwide. By “under promising” means we are not doing the best possible job we can for our clients.

Instead, we need to work with our prospects and clients to accurately determine what we can do and then strive to over deliver on that promise.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 29 April, 2009

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