Features And Benefits, But Don’t Forget Motives

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You’ve probably had in drummed into you about FAB – Features, Advantages and Benefits.
But don’t forget the motives too.

Let’s have a quick recap of what each means and then I’ll talk some more about using MOTIVES too.


FEATURES – Are what your products and services have

ADVANTAGES – Are what your features do

BENEFITS – What the features mean to the buyer

That’s all pretty straighforward stuff but they are mainly LOGICIAL stuff to enable the sale.

And remember that sales are made mainly through emotion and are BACKED UP with logic.

So remember to also add MOTIVES to the mix.

MOTIVES – are what the features will satisfy with the buyer.

What feeling will it give them?




What are the emotions associated with your prospects and clients having your products and services?

You need to include these in your selling

So let’s look at a quick example:

“Sean, this baby car seat has a dual locking system on each of the straps…”

“The advantage of this system is that it will take you a double click to fasten it or ot release it instead of just one click on most models…”

“That means that Holly be secure in her seat and if she manages to prize open one of the locks then there is still the back up of the other one…”

“Sean, you’ll have the peace of mind of the safest car seat on the market and also the fact that Holly will not be able to open the straps and harness herself”

Ok, so I hope you get the picture?

Remember, FAB is awesome, but FABM is even better!

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 30 June, 2009

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