Five Specific Wants That Every Prospect Has

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Wanted black stampThe strange expression “Nought so queer as folk” quaintly sums up the studies of the philosophies of man from the start of time. So much water under the bridge, so many changes in history, so few securities that can be held onto. The idiosyncrasies that determine our interactions with each other can be neatly summed up in five north-England words of splendour.

Our everyday quirks and foibles are driven by an innate need to make sense of everything we experience. Being unable to explain a cause or understand an effect leaves us uneasy and unable to reconcile our confusions. Hence our need for surety and security in areas we consider under our control.

This is all the more obvious when we are wanting to overcome some loss or pain, or pursue some opportunity or benefit. These two motivational directions drive most choices we ever make and, as salespeople, it is good to know that in this one area at least, there is some consistency in human behaviour.

It”s been noted that we have specific needs and wants when it comes to making decisions in overcoming those pains and chasing after those opportunities. If we can create a link between our prospects wants and our products and services, we build a foundation on which can be built a solid, secure structure.

It boils down to determining what solutions will fulfil most prospects wants, and we can fine-tune them down to five specifics:

Relationship wants: These are the levels of reliance and trust that the prospect needs in their supplier. They can be at the shallow level of a trust that the transaction will be easy and fairly painless to encounter, or at the deepest level where trust and integrity overwhelm all other decision-making factors

Product or Service wants: These are the basic needs of being sure the thing they are buying will satisfy the need that exists in the prospect”s mind.

Benefit wants: These are the perceptions that what they decide to buy will provide the benefits that will fill the gaps that currently exist.

Supplier wants: These are the traits in the provider of services that equate to prospects” subconscious desires to enjoy security and faith in what has been promised will actually materialise.

Price want: These are the feelings and confidence that the prospect is getting value for their outlay, determined by the return they expect to receive for the outlay.

The way you process and deliver each of these will ultimate decide your fate with each interaction. You must be totally clear in absolute terms what your positioning is in each of these factors before you have any hope of convincing the prospect of the viability of making the right choice in choosing you.

Each prospect will be unique in their interpretation of these wants in their situation. You can”t surmise that a previous client can be a template for all future opportunities. Even if they are in the same industry with the same challenges and similar set-ups, each individual level of priority given to the five specific wants will differentiate the approach that is needed.

Be aware of these five wants, and the various levels of driver for each one. Ascertain which is more, or most, important to a prospect before presenting solutions to their current situation, and you”ll find a basis for concrete decision-making. By doing that, you”ll find that no matter how queer your prospect may appear, you”ll still be able to make sense of it all!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 4 September, 2013

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