Gavin Wins Natural Born Sellers

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……just don’t ask me how!

So there I was just preparing to write my blog on how well Danny and Anna-Marie did in the latest task, about their “out of the box” thinking, their creativity and their activity rates and up comes Gavin with one deal and he wins the whole damn show.

Ridiculous really.

His sob sob story about how crap he was to the guy who pledged £20,001 was pretty appalling.

Still, that’s by the by (embedded comand for a sale there! “by” instead of “buy”) well done Gavin!

Nice guys can win but it was a complete fluke and you got lucky.

It just shows that you should never give up but by Gavin winning it really made a mockery out of the entire series and how must Danny be feeling? Absolutely gutted I would think.

By far, the best sales person on the show was Danny and he ended up with nothing.

Anna-Marie – you did a great job too.

I had loads to say about how well you two guys did but I’m still gobsmacked and I’ve been up since 4am as I had an early bird flight to Amsterdam this morning so my typing skills at 12:00am are not too hot!

So this brings the Natural Born Sellers series to a close. ITV should have pulled their fingers out and sold it more themselves. I don’t think they’ll be another series.

But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the series and I’ve also enjoyed the email and telephone chats I’ve had with most of the contestants and I’ve made friends with quite a few of them too.

All the very best and happy selling!


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Originally published: 7 November, 2008

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