So…How Do You Get The Prospect To Call You? (Here are 11 Ways…)

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Global Communication Concept phoneMany salespeople believe prospecting to be a one-way journey, where you make contact with the prospect and you have to do all the work to convince them they are making the right choice to talk to you, and eventually buy from you.

But what if you could make yourself the target of prospects to contact?

How can you make yourself well-known and show them the value of contacting you instead of the other way round?

Here are some ways that you can make that a possibility:

Write Your Own Blogs

If you don’t do it already, start now.

Make sure they are interesting and concentrate on the problems your prospects are facing

If You Come Across Blogs That You Think Add Value, Share Them With Prospects You Know So They Can See How Helpful You Can Become

Join LinkedIn Groups And Contribute To Questions And Answers That Are Valuable To Your Clients 

You can then copy the Q&A sessions and send them to your prospects to show your expertise in certain subjects

Do Research On Elements That Are Really Important To Your Prospects At The Moment

For instance, if new legislation is affecting their business in some way, research what others are doing and offer advice to potential clients so they see how helpful you could be to their businesses

If that works, share specific content from websites you uncover that would deal with specific problems your clients are facing

Become An Expert In Something That Is Important To Your Prospects

Answer their questions in a social media format and get the viewpoints of your prospects

Talk To Your IT Department To Make Sure You Know How Detailed Your Prospects’ Searches Are On Your Website

Then contact them with valuable information concerning their searches

Ensure You Create Details On Your CRM System Of Every Prospect Opportunity

So you have something to share with them on each contact

Write A Weekly Email Tip To Be Sent To All Businesses Who Make Enquiries Of Your Services

Even if they don’t buy now, they will see the value of dealing with you sometime in the future

If You Don’t Have A YouTube Channel, Start One

Record videos that will prove helpful to all prospects and clients.

Even if they are PowerPoints with voiceover, you can still make yourself indispensable to clients with loads of information.

Design, Develop, Advertise, Market And Run Specific Breakfast Sessions, Or Lunch-And-Learns, So People Can See The Results You Achieve

Don’t ‘sell’ your products at these events; get buyers to see what results they will achieve by using you.

Run Videoconferences That Will Attract Interest And Answer Questions All Your Prospects Will Have

Free software is available for you to run and record these sessions, which can then be downloaded to your prospects and allow them to see what you do in their own time, whenever they choose.

You’re there in presentation form, even when you’re somewhere else.

There are so many ways of making your name known before, during and after contacts with prospects, and all the above will help you be in the marketplace without you having to do the hard work of cold prospecting.

Email me if you want more information on how to make any or all of the above actually work.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 25 April, 2017

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