Google Chrome Speed Tests – Quicker Than A Spud Gun?

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A speedometer with needle pointing to the words You're in ControThis video has a great sales lesson for you.

In this video Google Chrome (Google’s Browser) is pitted against several different objects and activities in a series of speed tests to show just how quick it is.

The purpose of the video is obviously to creat buzz via viral marketing but another objective of the video is to demonstrate just how quick the browser is.

Google could have just proclaimed in it’s marketing and sales gumph that Chrome is the quickest but their approach with this is something completely different.

Chrome is not even pitted against Internet Explorer or Firefox – two direct competitors.

It’s very clever and reminds me of salesman that used to sell security glass and instead of saying how good it was he used to take a piece of this special glass and a hammer with him to meet a prospect and would ask the prospect to smash it with all their might.

90% of the people he met signed up within 20 minutes!

Be different and unique in your selling and you can often win deals on this alone.

Ok, here’s the Chrome video – enjoy!

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

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Originally published: 6 May, 2010

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