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SuccessA salesperson attended one of our programmes recently and asked ‘how many ways are there to measure whether you are successful, other than meeting your sales quota?’

It’s a good question and many people would say there’s probably only one success factor that matters; hitting your figures each month.

But is it possible that you could be successful by other means? I don’t mean to say that not hitting your figures is ok…I just mean that there may be other things you could be doing that support your getting those sales figures in the future.

Yes, we’re paid for results we achieve, but you also need to lay the foundation for future growth. This means digging into the pipeline of sales opportunities, which should consist of three things: It should be full, it needs to be balanced and it needs to be moving.

Full means it represents an abundance of future sales opportunities. It’s no good hitting your target this month and then having zip next month!

Balanced means you have a number of prospects and clients at various stages of the sales cycle, meaning you have people at the prospecting stage, right through to the ready-to-buy stage.

Moving means there is evidence of opportunities actually progressing forward so your manager can see that you’re not wasting valuable time in pursuing goals that will eventually peter out.

How else can you measure how successful you are currently?  Here are some other areas you can look at to determine if you’re on the right track:

How many referrals and how much repeat business are you getting? This tells you that you’re working in the right zone and doing a grand job in identifying the right clients to work with.

How are you learning from lost sales opportunities? If you are able to find new prospects as a result of changing the way you do business because of learning from what went awry with previous clients, you stand a much greater chance of building future business opportunities.

Are you becoming more of an industry expert? As time progresses, you need to show prospects, customers and clients that you are the one-stop-shop to come to. If people see you as the expert in your field, you are likely to get approached by others, rather than having to make those cold-calls that rarely realise the pots of gold you are seeking.

Have you uploaded articles, blogs and tweets that show you are the sales consultant who has most of the answers? Rather than spend precious time chasing dead-end leads, get your knowledge and talent down on paper. Show people what they would get if they worked with you. Get followers on LinkedIn so they can see what an excellent choice your services would be for them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can ignore the sales figures. Of course not; but paying attention to the above ideas may pave the way to improving those figures and give you the foundations you need to improve.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 11 November, 2015

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