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Helpful tips magnifying glassHere is a very interesting question I received the other day from a new sales person.  It is a common problem that sales people who are new to the selling profession or are just starting with a new company; often run into.

“I have just started with a new company and prospects seem to know that I am new right away.  Since I have little experience in this industry, I have trouble gaining the buyer’s trust.  They ask for history and for client references that I do not yet have.  How can I develop a successful performance record and client list if I need to show a successful performance record and client list to develop one?”

Here is my take on this…

  • Do not try to hide the fact you are new; be excited about it
  • Become a customer, build the value of the product and company
  • Be happy to qualify as a sales rep for the company
  • Leverage the success of your colleagues

Do not try to hide the fact you are new; be excited about it
First, do not ever try to avoid or conceal that you are new.  In fact, be proud and excited about it.  Let the prospect know that you are thrilled and honoured to be working with such a company, representing such a great product.

“Mr Prospect, I am so excited and even grateful to be working for XYZ Widgets.  As a new member of their sales team, I can see how they treat their customers and employees.”

Become a customer; build the value of the product and company
Enthusiastically explain to the prospect why you chose this company and product or service. Selling is essentially a transference of felling; meaning that if you can help the prospect to feel the same way you feel about the product, they would buy it like you did.  If you joined the company purely for reasons of money, then you made a mistake.  Only sell what you truly believe in.  Let the prospect know why you are so excited to sell this product and work for such a quality company and build up the company.  Explain why you chose to work for the firm.

“Looking for the right company to work for, Mr Prospect; I did my research.  I can only work for a company that I know provides quality service to their customers.  I mean, if I am to represent them, I HAVE to be sure, and with XYZ, I am more than sure.”

Be happy to qualify as a sales rep for company
As you build the creditability of the company, also add how they have strict hiring guidelines and only hire quality people.  Explain this organisation only hires the best people for long-term, career positions and you are proud that you passed the test.

“Also, Sharon, XYZ is strict and careful about whom they hire.  The average sales person with us has been there over ten years!  They only hire quality people and I am glad my history passed the test.”

Leverage the success of your colleagues
Finally, leverage the success, reputation, history and client lists of your associates.  If you need help doing this, get with your sales management.  You should easily be able to reference other people in your company and point to their clients and history.

“Mr Prospect, my supervisor, Steve, has been with us for 32 years and he has over 100 satisfied customers in this area.  When you buy from me you get my whole company.”

Don’t run from newness convert it into freshness.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 7 September, 2011

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