How Salespeople Can Get Into Their Buyer’s Brain

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Exploring Human BrainOne thing that many salespeople come on our workshops to learn is ‘the Holy Grail’, that is, what can they do to guarantee success every time they try to sell their products.

Without being presumptuous and claiming I’ve cracked the Enigma Code of Sales, there truthfully is only one reason why buyers would decide to buy from you.

Of course, you can talk about value and cost effectiveness and returns on investment and security and pleasure and comfort, etc. etc. etc.

And all of these would be true when they are contemplating which option to choose or what product to go for.

But when it comes to saying they want to buy in the first place, what is that first step they take?

What do they think about that takes them on the journey to deciding what to buy?

This isn’t rocket science, folks, nor will it stun you into silence and send your head spinning.

But it is vitally important that you comprehend the meaning behind it and learn from it.

The one reason why everyone decides to buy something, (or rent it, or lease it, or whatever) is simply they need to change their current situation for something better.

There. Simple, eh?

Yes, but like all good things, simple is often profound.

What are the implications for us in sales when we realise this?

The biggest implication is that we need to establish exactly what that change needs to be, and from where to where.

Imagine a customer is seeking to buy a new product.

The reason is their current situation doesn’t produce the results they are looking for anymore.

It may have done in the past.

Their solution may even have given them everything they wanted.

Now, though, things are different.

They realise there are better things out there, or they could get better results (however they measure them) with a new product or service.

Whatever the reason, they recognise they need to change for something else.

If they aren’t in this state of mind, they aren’t going to buy from you.


It’s only when they recognise that things could be better or they are experiencing something ‘not good’ with the current situation that they will make a decision to change.

So the first stage in determining whether you have the products or services they need is to ascertain what ‘pains’ they are suffering now or, if they approach you, what they are looking to change.

Without knowing this, you could be in danger of presenting solutions that don’t match the future needs they have, based on their current position.

When you’ve found that out early in the conversation, you have the chance to formulate the plan of action to take the prospect in the direction they need to go to make a decision to choose you.

Without that you haven’t created the real need to change, and hence resistance will always be put on the journey.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 11 August, 2016

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