4 Questions To Stimulate Your Customer’s Thinking

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e27555ad-6027-48c6-a297-44924cdae311When in conversation with your customer or prospect, there are many things said that are important but maybe overlooked.

This happens in every conversation we have, because the normal flow of conversation means that we are discussing ideas, concepts and principles that mean different things to different people.

Every customer wants to have a better future for themselves and their businesses and often we hear these expressed in certain ways during our conversations but we may miss them because of our inability to listen intently and think of what we want to say, both at the same time.

Identifying that better future for the customer is vital if we are to create a need that can be fulfilled by your products and services.

It’s possible that you could outline exactly what the future will be for your prospect’s company if they utilised your services.

However, we know that we are more convinced if we convince ourselves, rather than being persuaded by someone else. This is where the concept of Vision Questions comes in nicely.

Vision questions are exactly what you might expect them to be, but it’s the wording and timing that makes them so powerful. Look at these examples to see how the future can be planned out in advance.

“How do you see the department should be set-up in two or three years’ time to match and beat the competitive elements you mentioned?” 

“You said that improving the processes would save around £50,000 in the first 6 months. What impact, other than financial, would that have on your future progress?” 

“If those savings we discussed were made over the next three years, what would that allow you and your company to do differently?” 

“With those changes you are proposing, how will that affect your future career opportunities within the company?”

Each of these questions enables the prospect to think about the differences a better future would have on themselves, their department and the company as a whole.

Vision Questions enable you to forecast a better time in the future and also equate your solutions to that better state.

You probably don’t need to ask more than one or two of these type of questions to uncover a real desire or need within the decision-maker(s). They are powerful enough to drive a decision pretty quickly, but be careful not to make them sound too patronising, or you may undo the good that these questions can accomplish.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 6 January, 2015

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