How To Add A Little Warmth In A Cold Call

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two thermometers In a prospecting cold call, you need to develop a rapport and create a professional, trustworthy image in the mind of the prospect in just a few seconds. In less than 7 seconds, the prospect will have formulated an image of you in his or her mind, and the success or failure of the call depends on that image.

The following three tips will help you create some rapport almost instantly, and successfully take some of the cold out of the cold call.

#1- Loose the Enthusiasm
Tone down the enthusiasm in the beginning of the call and get rid of that big smile. The old idea that if you are excited and enthusiastic at the beginning of the cold call, then the prospect will magically become excited and enthusiastic also; is as outdated as the smile and dial era it came from.

The false, unwarranted, overenthusiastic attitude at the start of the cold is the classic calling card of the stereotypical telemarketer. That smile & dial persona, will usually create an instant negative image in the mind of the prospect.

#2- Reflect a Like Attitude
Listen carefully to the tone and mood of the prospect’s voice. Hear more than just the words; listen to the emotion and mental disposition. Then reflect back a similar or like attitude and mood. This does not mean that you should mimic or copy the prospect. Just slightly adapt to the prospect’s current temperament.

As an example, the prospect answers and you instantly detect an upbeat, casual and cordial demeanor. In such a case, you should respond with a similar tone. Conversely, should the prospect answer with a very business-like, somber attitude, then, you should be a bit more subdued and direct.

#3 – Stay Level with the Prospect’s Pace of Speech
Very simply, if the person with whom you are speaking talks very slowly, then you may have to slow down a bit. On the other hand, should the prospect be a very fast talker, then perhaps you need to speed up a little.

The above three tips will help you seem a little more familiar to the prospect. This will prevent the prospect from putting up mental defenses and give you a chance to talk to an open mind.

Lose the pep rally enthusiasm, reflect a like mood and attitude and stay on the same pace with the prospect, and your cold calls will be a little bit warmer.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 6 July, 2012

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