How To Be “Switched On” When It Comes To Your Sales Approach

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lbulbI once owned an old house and had to have it rewired. The electrics were basically shot and the place could have been a firetrap if I didn’t have something done pretty quickly.

The electrician worked hard to ensure everything was correctly done and, thankfully, he did an excellent job. I asked him to explain what would happen if something was wired incorrectly.

He told me that I would probably get a ‘short’, and the fuses would blow or the equipment might be damaged. In other words, incorrect wiring would not have the desired effect.

It’s interesting that we humans are wired up as well. Not in the conventional way with leads, of course, but in a more dynamic and free-flowing way. Our wiring (i.e. the way we compute information in our brains) will determine how we perceive our world.

For example, some people will need to see things before they understand them. They need the visual confirmation before they can comprehend instructions.

Others need to hear you say things in a particular way or use specific words before they will understand.

Still others will need to get hands-on experience before they can get a handle on what they need to do.

None of this ‘wiring’ is wrong; just different, and the degree to which people will follow this wiring will be almost unique to them, depending on their background, experience and conditioning.

So, what would you do with someone who has ‘visual’ wiring? You would show examples of what you’ve done with other clients, look at specific results that others have got using your solution or show the prospect what the finished product looks like.

With ‘auditory’ or ‘hearing’ wired prospects, you would describe how the services would affect their business, discuss what results they are likely to have and tell them how other companies have benefitted from using you.

The ‘kinaesthetic’ person needs to experience what you are talking about, needs to hold the product, get a feel for what it does, drive the process or physically be involved some way.

This different type of presenting your solutions will link up with the specific type of wiring the prospect will have, and will enable you to make the connection between what you do and how they want to know about it. Get it wrong and you could blow a fuse (no sale!). Get it right and you could light up their business (good result!)

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 3 September, 2014

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