How To Make An Impact With Sales Letters

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Businesswoman with scrunched paperWhat’s the first thing you do when you get a sales letter? (That is, if you actually read it?!)

You probably skim it through, read the headings, get a gist of what it’s trying to sell you, and then…?

Well, research has shown that when a customer actually does read a sales letter, they invariably look to the end of the letter fairly quickly, and they are most likely to look at who sent it and then the PS, if there is one.

So my biggest tip to you when you want to make an impact with sales letters or email  is to include at least one PS.

This ‘post scriptum’ or after-thought, can be utilised very effectively, if you know what attracts your prospects.

As it’s often the first thing your customer looks for, get a strong message into it, such as a special offer or time-based reminder.

You might even try two or even three PS’s.

The first one (PS)  is to re-iterate the best benefit your prospect will get from your product or service.

For example:

PS Don’t forget that anyone who attends one of our sales courses also receives 6 months of unlimited email and telephone support from their course leader! After all, it’s after the course when the real work starts! MTD will be there for you whilst you implement what you have covered for any personal help or guidance.

The second one (PPS) is to put an action date or time.

For example:

PPS. Book by the first of next month, and you’ll get a discount when you book on one of our advanced courses!

The third one (PPS) can be used to state what bonuses or free offers might be available.

For example:

PPS. All attendees on our Advanced courses receive a free CD pack on ‘How to take your sales through the roof!”

Utilise the way that your prospect reads letters. Use PS’s to your advantage and you’ll see interest increase in your sales letters. And that can only be good for business!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

MTD Sales Training

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Originally published: 2 September, 2010

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