How To Make Our Goals Clear

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red puzzle goalsWe know that clarity brings results. It helps us focus on what we desire and so attracts the right results our way. But how do we establish that clarity? What can we do to ensure we have our goals with a client visible at all times?

Here’s an acronym that should help you achieve that clarity at all times. I’ll keep it simple and use the word ‘CLEAR”.

C) This reminds us to Communicate effectively with the client. This means we need to ensure the information we obtain is precise, concise and meaningful. Quality communication makes things clear and unambiguous. It ensures correct understanding with little chance of misinterpretation.

Assess your communication skills and ensure they are as effective as they can be.

L) Listening is a fundamental skill that should be practiced every day. Frustrated clients should be allowed to vent, as it lowers the emotional connection to a situation and lets you hear exactly what the meaning is behind a particular stance they may be taking. This creates rapport between you when they realise that someone is taking a real interest in what they are saying.

Take the opportunity to practice your listening skills whenever you can, outside of a sales situation. That way, you will learn a lot and be able to show this necessary skill in the clutch moments when you might be emotionally charged.

E) Showing Empathy might not always be top of your list of priorities when with a client, but you’d be surprised how effective it might be.

A 1999 experiment entitled ‘Can 40 seconds of empathy reduce patient anxiety?’ researchers found that giving just 40 seconds of uninterrupted compassion and empathy to a patient actually reduced their visible anxiety levels. Just 40 seconds. Imagine if you were to show empathy for a client’s current situation for that amount of time, and the rapport was built up between you. You would then be able to make suggestions that would be in the client’s interests and probably receive a listening ear!

A) It may seem obvious, but taking Action is often the most neglected part of a salesperson’s day. Picking up that phone to make a difficult call may not be top of your list of likes for the day, but when the action is taken and the results achieved, you feel so much better about yourself and the day starts to seem just that bit better, as you are carrying out promises to yourself and feeling more confident.

Actions are the end result of effective planning and organisation. Without proper planning, you will find yourself doing for the sake of doing, and it will never achieve what it could have done if you had been ‘up for it’.

R) The end results of proper communication, good listening, showing empathy and taking action are the Rewards you achieve. Whatever you carry out or don’t carry out, you will end up with outcomes. As the saying goes, whichever road you take will take you somewhere so you might as well choose which direction you will go, or someone else will choose for you.

You can choose the rewards you want by committing to achieving the goals you set for yourself. Apply the CLEAR motto on every occasion and you’ll soon find yourself benefiting from the outcomes.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 8 May, 2013

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