How To Manage The Stress Of Constantly Performing

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Busy stressful woman secretary under stress in the officeHere’s a question I got asked last week about keeping on top of your game:

“I work for ABC and have been the number 1 performer for the last 4 years. Can you maybe give me any advice on managing the stress of constantly performing?

Things like being totally nervous and anxious before nearly every appointment even though I have been doing this job for 6 years. I feel that sales is like being on stage and the lights go on and it’s showtime but the feeling before each meeting seems to be getting worse but I never fail to perform.

Work is totally taking over my personal life so I can remain where I am, this is actually the first year I have been challenged from a performance point of view by another strong individual who I speak with daily. The week on week target which I have never failed to achieve is driving me on and on until I’m totally shattered.

I probably know the answer to most of this but wanted your thoughts”

Ok, here are my thoughts on this:

With that sort of drive you should be working for me and selling our courses!

Being nervous is natural and it means that you care. Sales people who are a little carefree don’t really give a damn or can be seen as arrogant instead of confident from their prospects.

Yes, I agree with the “lights on” mentality. You see, you couldn’t be in “showtime mode” all of the time or you would really be burnt out. Just before I go into important meetings I kinda flip a switch and go into sales overdrive. Weird kind of thing to explain but I’m sure you know what I mean. And yes, I get nervous too but a nice nervous.

I’m so passionate about helping my prospects that as soon as I walk in I completely focus on them and their situation and I’ll do all that I can to help them. Sounds like you do the same.

You need to be careful about it taking over your life though. You need to understand what’s the driver behind what you do. The money? The prestige of being #1? What is it?

For example if you’ve got to work your butt off just to get a decent wage then you could work in a different industry which has a different pressure and sales cycle but could make twice as much with the same effort. If it’s to be #1 then you’re not competing with yourself but you’re competing with something that you cannot control and that can lead you into trouble.

Overall, have a think about WHY you do what you do. You may find that the real reasons might surprise you.

Understand your drivers and can open the door to whatever you need….

Also, try walking before work. You will find that you’ll get more energy and you can ramp yourself up for the day. It will help with your stress levels. Make sure you do aerobic and not anaerobic work. You want to be in the “fat burning, low impact” zone.

There’s loads of other areas I could cover but try these for starters.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 18 November, 2009

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