How To Plan Your Customer Experiences

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road signOn a recent course, my trainer asked the delegates if they believed the experience the customer has with their company is an important measurement to them.

With no exception, they all replied ‘yes’.

Then the trainer asked how they plan that experience, i.e. what specific actions do they take to make the experience come alive. He said the silence was deafening.

So, let me ask you…what is the experience you want customers to have?

1) You need to determine what strategies are needed by you and your business to create the foundation for the experiences you want to give.

2) Then you need to identify what infrastructure needs to be in place to achieve those levels.

3) And then you need the ability to deliver on what those experiences should be.

The strategies needed to create experiences revolve around setting the scene for when the customer is ready to buy. This means you need to be clear on your branding, your product and service concepts and how your marketing can creates awareness.

The infrastructure needed to achieve those levels involve your people skills at all touch-points within the company.

The ability to deliver on those promises are determined by what has to happen every time customers and prospects need to utilise your services.

All of this needs to be ‘owned’ by every member of staff. This is vital if service consistency is to be maintained and there is a defined level of expectancy customers will be measuring you against.

Ensure everyone who supports your sales efforts understands the concept of customer experience and how it should be maintained.Even those who play a not-so-obvious role within the company should analyse what they need to do to support the efforts of sales and cement the relationship between themselves and the customer base. As the saying goes…if you’re not serving the customer, you had better be serving someone who is.

When you recognise how important it is to maintain a great reputation, you confirm how the branding of your company can lay the foundation for your support of the customer experience. Commit to excellence in this area, and you then build the creative foundation to find ways that the overall experience can be enhanced and driven forward in the future.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 25 April, 2013

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