Hunters, Farmers & Getting Hunted Yourself!

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

14 May, 2009

“Hunting and farming, hunting and farming” – that’s all you ever hear from your sales managers and directors.

“Farm your existing clients” and “Hunt out new business”

But what they always leave out is “What can we do as a company and as a sales team to get “hunted out” too?

That’s when new prospects come to you.

If you can position yourselves right through delivering the best service, proposition, support, marketing, sales care, PR and so on your prospects will HUNT YOU OUT.

They will talk about you in forums, in networking events, in social media, across their company, through word of mouth and so on.

They will qualify themselves and will have a much higher probability of purchasing from you.

You need to work closely with the other departments in your company so they enable prospects to hunt you out.

After all, we all want that don’t we?

And the great news is that when prospects hunt you out they usually have their needs already defined too.

So don’t forget – hunt, farm and be hunted too! Have strategies in place for all of them.

Happy selling!


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