Is The Sole Decision Maker A Thing Of The Past?

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Getting someone (and I mean “one person”) to make a decision is becoming harder and harder.

Normally there are several people involved in a decision nowadays as committee decisions are becoming more common place now than ever before for several reasons.

1. Prospects like to get buy in from the people/departments/senior managers who will either be using the product or service or who are responsible for implementing it

2. Decision Makers are scared to make poor decisions. At least if 5 of them have made a bad decision, if it all goes wrong then they will not be singled out!

3. Scared. A lot of decision makers can’t simply make a decision on their own – this is a really important point to bare in mind. Some are “external reference” people which means they need facts, opinions, back up, input and evidence before making a decision

4. Then there are those that just CAN’T make a decision to save their lives! Whether it be your product or service, what to have to lunch, what to wear etc !!!!!!

Work out the buying process up front and it will really save you a lot of time, meetings, presentations and frustration!

This is just another reason to upgrade your Sales Techniques to match those upgraded skills of the modern day buyer – they are a lot more sales savvy than you think!

Happy committee selling!


Sean McPheat

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Originally published: 12 December, 2008

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