Lose The Sales Ego And Win More Sales

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Whether we admit it or not it’s a great boost to your ego when you win a sale.

But there’s no room for egos in the sales process!

Here’s why…

You see, when you approach a sale as a “WIN-LOSE” event you lose the need to have the prospects best interests at heart in favour of winning the business.

Your ego takes over.

Your ego wants you to look good, to talk the most, to be right and ultimately to win but in sales this is not always the case.

Both you and your prospects need to look good, the prospect more so. Your prospect should be doing most of the talking not you and you need WIN-WIN outcomes where you BOTH feel like you’ve got the best end of the deal.

It goes right against what your EGO wants!

Oh, ok, I’ll admit it – I have a big EGO! But I leave it at the door when it comes to a sales interaction.

The only outcome on my mind is to get what’s right for the prospect even if it means walking away – and I am deadly serious about that.

So, lose the EGO and focus on your prospect’s needs and wants and watch your sales fly!

Happy EGO losing!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director
MTD Sales Training

Oh come on….I did say I had an EGO!

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Originally published: 18 November, 2008

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