Making Sales Letters Work For You

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Businesswoman with scrunched paperHave you received sales letters in your in-tray? What happens to most of them? After a quick scan, unless they are offering something that will change your life right now with absolutely no effort or risk on your part, they are filed under ‘B’ (for ‘bin’).

By the way, you probably wouldn’t believe a claim like that anyway, so you’d probably bin that too!

Sales letters are generally poor because they are too product or self-focused and they don’t create any differences from your competition.

Here are some guidelines that might make your letters stand out from others your prospects will be receiving:

  • Make sure your opening is attention-grabbing and purposeful
  • Keep the letter short
  • Use bullets – it makes the letter seem shorter and more punchy
  • Only bold those things that are important to the customer
  • Personalise it where you can
  • Do something extra – enclose an article of interest or something that proves to your prospect you went a little bit further than others
  • Use an example – not a testimonial. An example is how a customer benefited from your product
  • Finish by stating the next step – e.g. ‘thank you for your time. I’ll call you next week to discuss further’. That way, you have a reason to call, the call isn’t cold and you can tell the gatekeeper the prospect is expecting your call (which she is, if you said you would call)
  • Re-read your letter and edit it down substantially before sending it
  • If possible, stamp them rather than frank them. They appear more personal
  • Ask yourself how you would react if you received this letter. If it’s too cheesy, too patronising or too groveling, consider rewriting it

By creating a letter that grabs attention, creates rapport and builds confidence, you have great reasons for expecting results and leads.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 21 June, 2010

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