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QUICK NOTE – I was bombarded with emails asking where my comments were on the blog this week. My apologies but I was in Amsterdam giving a keynotes talk to a team of sales people at their yearly conference so I had to watch the episode on internet tv just now!

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Ok, onto this weeks observations:

Boring boring Danny!

Sorry mate – only joking. You’re by far the best salesperson on the show and yet again you won the spoils.

Here are my comments from the latest episode of Natural Born Sellers where the sales people were asked to sell environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Giving Demonstrations

If you ever have to give demonstrations get the audience involved.

When I say involved I mean ask them lots of questions, get them participating and get them to actually demonstrate the products themselves. They need to see how good the products are and see themselves using the products.

Dan – when you did the demo you asked a couple of great questions to start:

“How much time do you spend cleaning each year?” and “How much do you spend on cleaning on products each year?”

This unearthed wants and desires.

Someone said they spent £800. Dan knew that his products would cost £300 and that’s over 3 years so he could use this info to his advantage.

You see, you need to ask questions to find the best angle on which to sell the products. It didn’t come as any suprise that he did a couple of grand in that demo.

So – ask questions, build rapport and get them involved.

When Thea and Dan attended a demo at the start they hardly did any of this mainly due to lack of a gameplan and teamwork.

Lack Of Belief

What came across in spades was a total lack of belief in the product. Sure, the manager Sara had it but she had a vested interest in it all but the sales people just didn’t have it.

Lesson – if you are selling anything that doesn’t make you passionate about it, then get out.

Sales Manager

Sara the sales manager was interesting. She told Gavin off for acting the goat when wearing the glove costume “It devalues the brand” she said

Oh come on!

If the purpose of the costume is to be worn do you expect someone to wear it who is deadly serious?  It looked awful period. If you don’t want to devalue the brand with the costume here’s my advice….

Bin the thing.

Also, how can any brand be built of you are selling it in a shopping mall where your sales people are begging for orders on commission? mmmmmm let me think about that one.


Still my outsider for the competition – you have been since the start. You’ll have to come up on the inside rails to beat Dan though.

Girl – you got beat up on the show this time. Take it as a bad day at the office. You got through, we all have bad days and you live to fight another day.


If you could channel the way that you sell I think you would be bloomin good. You are a go-getter and want to get out there but some of your techniques suck.


You keep saying to Johnny C that you can’t sell and you know what? You’re right. Still, you’re a damn good laugh and good for team spirit. No offence, it’s just that some people are suited to selling and others are not.

So, it’s onto the final!

Onwards and upwards!


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Originally published: 31 October, 2008

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