Natural Born Sellers – Scott English RIP

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The competition took a cut throat approach tonight as the “silent assassin” Anna-Marie voted out one of the strongest contestants in Scott English.

Gavin was yet again in the bottom three and is by far the worst sales person in the group and has been from day one. Although very likeable, he talks a good talk but doesn’t delivery the goods.

Scott on the other hand, I have taken to. He’s shown a “softer side” since episode one and his enthusiasm and work ethic is awesome. A real go-getter. Take this as a complement Scott – Anna-Marie did the right thing in voting you off, I’d take it as a huge compliment. With you out of the way, Anna-Marie has a far better chance of winning the whole thing.

Okay, let’s get on to some good, bad and the ugly of tonights show.


Come on ITV WTF are you doing moving the show to 10:40. Get a life! The ratings are only 1.7 million but what did you do about it? Nothing. There was not advertising, no promotion. I think ITV have come out as the worse sellers of the lot! You could have positioned it in the right way, not as the BBC’s Apprentice but something completely different. With no pre-sell it was always going to be demoted to a later slot.

By the way ITV – Sales people like me and all of the other sales people around the country work long bloody hours so staying up to 11:40 on a school night is not on.

Ok, rant over.

Scott – you should have kept tabs on that mum and son when handing them over to finance. They are not sales people, never have been, so I feel they lost you a sale.
Scott – one thing that annoys me with you is when you always use “Trust me” it’s complete tosh! You don’t need to use that all of the time. The trust will come with what you say, you don’t need to say it – let your prospects feel it and it will help you close more sales.

The Good

Dan – great closing line. That guy was umming and arrrring and you took over with “Shall we start doing the paperwork?” A nice lead in to the next steps – well done.
Dan – the look of your face when having lunch Thea made my night!

Anna-Marie – thanks for your call to my office today. I enjoyed our chat. Well done on winning tonight. Well done on overcoming the discount request too – you built the value and kept your cool.

Scott – your work ethic is awesome. Lively, enthusiastic – spot on. Well done for using your initiative to cold call the limo firms. You “made things happen”. The show will be worse off without you.

The Ugly

Just about everything Thea did.

Overall Thoughts

ITV was the natural born loser tonight by moving the slot. My dark horse as mentioned on my very first blog Anna-Marie is still in the running although she is keeping very tight lipped on whether she won or not.

Selling Limos at a trade show is tough especially at £50k+. It takes technique and the right approach and when having a stand the art is having a number of luke warm to hot leads before you open the doors who know where you are etc

Onto next week!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 17 October, 2008

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