Natural Born Sellers

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ITV launch a new reality TV circus this week in NATURAL BORN SELLERS.

With this a group of sales people replace an existing workforce each week for winner takes all stakes. Who will make the most money?

I sure hope that this programme will not show sales people in the wrong light?

Whilst this will no doubt be avid viewing it’s not going to make your job any easier as once again the sales profession is taken the piss out of. You will no doubt see the behind closed doors of “sales motivation”, “tricks and techniques” that will make me just puke.

Buyers will become even more suspicious of sales people just like you even if you have a whiter than white approach.

Natural Born Sellers starts this Thursday and I’ll be posting a weekly blog about the show.

Stay tuned for more!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 29 September, 2008

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