NO Sale? Thank You Very Much!

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Thank you!For a quick break from the norm, here is another one of those witty water cooler stories I thought you might find amusing. As always, what follows is just a  story I heard from a sales person, who will remain nameless.

Also as before, I do not sanction, verify, agree, or approve of the follow scenario, nor am I suggesting that you do anything like this. So, lighten up. It’s just a witty story.

Thank You Very Much
The sales person had unfortunately run across one of those absolutely horrible, rude and obnoxious prospects. The prospect was so unbearable that not only did he hardly allow the sales person to proceed with her sales presentation, but he made it clear that he was doing it on purpose. The prospect deliberately USED the sales rep as amusement while having no genuine interest or need in the product and services.

When the sales person finally realised the situation was hopeless, she began to pack up her sales material to leave. Just then, the prospect, who was a very large man, stood over the sales rep; a petite woman, and with a snide, sly, almost evil grin said…

Prospect: “Ha. Not a good day uh? Well I’m sorry I wasted YOUR time.”

Sales Person: “Oh NO! Not at all. You didn’t waste my time. In fact I’d like to thank you. So thank you very much!”

Prospect: “Oh, yeah. Why’s that?”

Sales Person: “Well, my statistics tell me that if I show this presentation to five business owners; I will meet four idiots and one sharp business person…”

The sales person extended her hand to shake and the prospect shook her hand as she concluded…

Sales Person: “…And I’d like to thank you because I know that I only have three left. Thank you.”

Prospect: “No problem, you’re welcome.”

About five minutes later as the sales person was driving off, the prospect came running out of the business…

Prospect: “Hey!! Hey! Did you just call me an idiot?!”

Sales Person: “Have a good day…”

Happy Selling


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Originally published: 16 August, 2012

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