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queue to jobYou can always find a multitude of tips and tricks for sales people. Sales techniques, closing strategies and prospecting avenues abound. However, I have found that usually these pillars of advice pertain to the sales person who has been with their company, at least for some length of time.

I am also guilty of this, in that most of my training and advice, assumes that you have at least some minimal sales experience. Yet, there are those out there who are just jumping into the game, just getting started and face some very different challenges.

Below are some essential tips for the brand new sales person who is just walking in the door.

Become a Customer
If it is at all possible, be a customer or user of your own product or service. Selling at its core, is a transference of feeling. In other words, if I can make you feel the same way I do about this product, then you will want it.

All the training and experience in the world, cannot take the place of true, personal enthusiasm for what you sell. If YOU are personally excited about what you sell, the prospect will see and feel that as well. When the prospect can see that YOU believe…THEY can believe.

If it is not possible to own what you sell, then get with customers. Get their feedback, feelings, and opinions. Get testimonies.

An Advantage Over the Experienced Pros
This is one way that the new, rookie sales person can actually have an advantage over their more experience co-workers. After selling the same product and making the same presentation over and over for years and years, many sales people begin to lose that genuine excitement for their product or service.

Let loose with a childlike passion and joy about representing your product, and you will soar above many experienced pros that have become lacklustre in their sales interactions.

Just Happy to Be Here
In addition to expressing your heartfelt enthusiasm for the product or service, let the customer see and feel how genuinely excited you are about the company you work with. If you have done your due diligence before you went to work for the firm, then you should have confidence and trust that you work for the best company in your industry. Let the prospect know that you believe in the firm, and they will too.

Leverage the Experience of Long-Term Colleagues
Boast of your successful team members. Let the prospect know that yes, YOU are new, but most of the people in your firm have been with the company for years, and have tons of happy, long-term clients. In fact, the longevity of the sales people and their reputation in the market place is the main reason you joined the firm, and you feel confident that you also will be there for the long term!

It Comes From Within
If you are new to the world of selling or just new to the company, there is a lot you have to learn and much growth is in store. There are skills and techniques that you do not know and that you need to know.

However, the old adage is true; people do not care how much you know, until they first know how much you care. Your belief in what you sell and what you do, will carry you as you learn and grow.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 2 May, 2012

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