Some Home Truths, Does Persuasion Always Work?

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Business people shaking handsIn a previous blog, we discussed some home truths that are real-world truths in 2010 and beyond. One of them was as follows:

False: Your persuasion techniques and convincing arguments will get the sale

Truth: It’s friendly, intelligent engagement that will convince the prospect they should talk to you

Many sales interactions consist of the salesperson trying to gain the upper hand by persuading the prospect that they would be making a big mistake not buying the product. Or they dump a lot of information on the prospect about benefits of the product, hoping some of it will stick.

Today’s savvy buyer has heard it all before, and their buying decision process has changed dramatically. These days they need to be convinced that they can trust you before they hear any slick presentation you may have.

You need to get engagement with the client first. This means seeing the situation through their perspective, noting what their problems and concerns may be. This involves quality questions, active listening and concerned interest in their current position. Only then can you earn the right to suggest solutions.

And when you do suggest those solutions, it needs to be done in a friendly, professional and intelligent manner, rather than reeling off a list of features that might, somehow, persuade the prospect to think of you.

All this creates a basis for trust, without which you are simply trying to take a transactional order. Friendly, intelligent engagement will provide the foundation for a long-term relationship. Even if they don’t buy from you today, you have laid the groundwork for future contact, something that no amount of persuasion or convincing arguments can guarantee. And that can only be good for future business!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 11 August, 2010

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