Stop Overselling And Know When To Shut Up!

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Bearded Man With Wrapping Adhesive Tape Around Mouth. BusinessmaMy biggest fault as a salesperson is when I oversell our services and products.

There you have it! I’m opening myself up to you!

I feel like I’m at confession! (Not that I’ve been to confession before I hasten to add! ;-))

You see, I am so passionate about what we do and the results that we get for our clients that sometimes I oversell and talk too much when the deal is already done or is about to be made. It stems from my belief that I cannot understand why anyone would want to use any other sales training and business development provider other than MTD (That might sound arrogant to you but that’s how much I believe in what we do – do you feel the same about what you sell?)

These instances are getting fewer and fewer nowadays but I wanted to make you aware that bad habits can creep into everyones selling approach and that includes me too.

Sometimes you can get swept along with it all that you get so enthusiastic and passionate about helping your prospect that you do talk too much. Please note, I’m not saying that everyone that talks too much is passionate about what they sell and that’s the reason why they do talk so much! Some salespeople just do not know the questions to ask and think that by talking and talking that the prospect will not have a chance of throwing any objections into the ring because they wont have the chance to do so!

I’m very aware of when I’m talking too much now and I can reign myself back in when I feel I am going down that road and that is a key strength of mine too – self awareness.

So my takeaway action for you today is this:


Confess and open up to yourself about your shortcomings and do something about it. Many salespeople oversell like I do on occassions and if you do then admit that fact and put processes, triggers and checkpoints in place so those times are highlighted and you know the symptoms, so you can do something about it.

Silence is golden at times and when in doubt I always revert back to the “Two ears, one mouth – use them in that proportion when you sell” approach.

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 23 July, 2009

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