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Businessman walking through a doorIn the great year-2000 film ‘High Fidelity’, the character Rob asks Laura why he is so unhappy. Laura answers ‘because you’re the same person you used to be!’

These few words of wisdom encapsulate what we as salespeople should know instinctively. The fact that unless we are growing and nurturing our sales skills, we are left stagnating. And you know what happens when we stagnate. It stinks!

You may have heard of Gordon Moore, founder of Intel, who stated that the number of micro-components that could be placed in a microchip of the lowest manufacturing cost was doubling every year. His statement (latterly known as Moore’s Law) has been used in many other settings too, to reflect the rapid growth of knowledge and improvement we are making in many other areas.

In fact, you could say our knowledge of sales and everything related to selling has doubled every year in the past few years. One look at Amazon will show you how many books there available on sales and selling (over 228, 000 and counting!)

Charlie Jones once said that we will be the same person we are now in five years’ time, except for the books we read and the people we meet.

How do we grow as salespeople? How do we become better than we are now, and not stay the same person we used to be?

Firstly, have a personal development goal. Set yourself a measurable target of where you want to be in one, two and five years time. What knowledge do you want to have? What skills do you want to develop? How will you measure your success?

Then, create a plan to achieve it. Develop a learning log that will allow you to see and monitor your progress every step of the way.

Set milestones along the way that you can celebrate. Keep your motivation up by knowing exactly what you want and how you are going to achieve it. This clarity will work wonders for your morale.

Notice the set-backs and learn from them. Don’t wallow in the mess of failure. Treat the past as a school to learn from, not a place to live in.

Create a future plan for yourself that will draw you forward, and you’ll find yourself being motivated every day to pursue that objective. Be the person you know you can be by nurturing and growing your skills in every facet of sales. You’ll be happy you did. And so will your clients.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 28 May, 2010

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