The Four Dimensions Of The Trusted Advisor

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Trusted advisor blue stampYou want the customer to view you as more than a sales person. You want them to view you as more than a consultant. You need them to view you as a trusted advisor.

Only then do your views, your comments, your suggestions, your advice actually hit home to the client and make them pay attention to the ideas you bring to the table. So how do you bring this value, this creativity, to the attention of the prospect you have in front of you? Here are the four dimensions of being a trusted advisor:

1) The value you bring to the client’s company; this is the essence of what makes you who you are. The concept of people buying from people they trust has never been truer, and how you sell your own personal value will determine which way the sale goes.

2) The value your company’s resources bring to the client; these will be judged in the future by the prospect, but can create a firm foundation for growth now. What back-up, guarantees, warranties and such-like you can offer are important, but what you as a company can offer in backing up the validity of your support means even more to the prospect and their future business.

3) The value your solution brings to the client’s company; how they will benefit and prosper from what services you can provide for them will boost your chances of becoming the partnering company with them.

4) What you and your company add to the value your client brings to its own customers; this area is sometimes missed by salespeople, because they are considering their own products and services more than the customer’s customers. By providing market opportunities for your client to exploit turns you into a valued team member for their business, and creates a position of trust.

By ascertaining what value you bring to the client in these four dimensions, you build your reputation and trustworthiness at all levels within their business. And that’s the way you build toward being a trusted advisor.

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Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 3 June, 2011

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