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Is there just one reason? Can we actually narrow down the whole sales process to just one step?

Naturally, there are a myriad of stages that people go through before they make the decision to go with your solution. But when you strip away all the dross and dig down to the bear pit that is our gut feeling, there is only one real reason why we make the decision to buy anything.

Put yourself in the buyer’s position. Why would you choose the medium-rare steak in the restaurant over the fish choice? Why would you choose one particular brand of breakfast cereal over another? Why would you choose a more powerful or economical car over another?

Going back to basics, the reason we make a choice is that we feel it will benefit us in some way over the other choices we may have. We weigh up in our minds how something will feel when we wear it, or what it will taste like, or what our lives will be like after we choose our life-long partner.

When you consider all the choices you have made in the past, it boils down essentially to this one point – People make decisions because they perceive a better future with your solution than without it.

Any decision you want your buyer to make, any purchase they make from you, any future relationship they decide to have with your company must answer that fundamental question: Will it make my life, my future, my company’s future better, easier, simpler, more productive, more profitable or whatever it takes to achieve what I would consider to be success?

It’s a profound question and it draws people towards making a decision that will ensure success for them.

What it means is that everything you recommend for the prospect should be directed towards what they are looking to improve, how they are measuring success and what constitutes benefits to them.

It ensures you look at their business as an opportunity to show your skill in developing your consultative ability. Gone are the days where a ‘product pitch’ would do the job for you. Today, you need to prove that your solution will make a bigger difference to their business than using your competitors will, or than doing nothing at all.

Your solution has to have provable impact for the prospect or their business. Somehow, they have to see a better future with you than without you. If you can make this happen, you have touched on the very reason buyers make decisions to change, modify or improve.

It’s a massive factor for your success and one that we include in all of our Sales Training. Whatever you are selling you need to articulate What’s In It For Them? And do so in a clear way.

You might have the best product or service on the marketplace but if you don’t sell it in terms of the impact it makes and the benefits that your customer will receive then it will just remain “a great product” that no-one seems to be interested in whilst you’re scratching your head wondering why you haven’t made your target this month.

Learn how to sell benefits more effectively with our Professional Sales Training online course. It will really help you.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 18 February, 2015

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