The 1 Question Every Buyer Wants Answered

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red question sign in handsOver the years most training and development programmes for salespeople have emphasised the importance of effective processes and techniques to be able to ‘sell’ their products and services.

Most salespeople want to know how to ‘open the call’ or ‘overcome objections’.

The skill development has revolved around how the knowledge and experience can be built so that they can capture interest, build desire and commit to action.

As time has passed, much of the development required by sales people has switched in its emphasis.

The economic climate and the need to cut costs and overheads has changed the way that products need to be presented to achieve solutions.

Where previously we discussed how to present products, we now create images of the future when the product is in use.

Where previously we discussed how to overcome objections, we now discover opportunities for the prospect to uncover where obstacles might occur before they come up.

So, how should we now approach our role as salespeople?

Should we concentrate on technique, skills and knowledge?

Or should we adopt a differing mindset that helps us build benefits and opportunities for the prospect?

One way we can think it through is by determining what is most important to the customer we are dealing with.

Emphasis in the past has been on how we present the benefits and advantages of our products and why they are better than the competition’s.

Now, we should help the prospect to see how they can improve or get better with our solution.

Therefore, we should consider the customer’s mindset, and determine what is going through their minds before they make a decision.

The one question every buyer wants answered is

“What solution will help me most to achieve my needs or desires?”

This question is going through the mind of the customer at every stage of the conversation and even before.

When they are contemplating changes, whether it be new clothes or a new office location, they are always trying to answer the question of solving the problem.

Knowing the problem that the prospect wants solving is the key to helping them make a decision.

Therefore, our emphasis when we are considering which direction to go with the sale should be on answering, “What problem is the prospect needing to solve? What benefits should be highlighted to the prospect that will help them choose our product? How will our choice improve their business opportunities?”

When we answer those questions, we laser in on what is most important to the prospect.

You consider options that will be best for their business.

You create conversations that focus on what is best for them, rather than us.

Approach every situation with that question in mind…what solution can I provide that will help this prospect achieve their needs and desires?

By thinking that way, your discussions will always assist the prospect to see the future involving your solutions.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 15 March, 2018

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