The Secret To Closing Sales Is No Secret!

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

“Sean, what should I say to close a sale?”

“Can you give me 10 of the most effective closing lines to use at the end of the sale?”

“Should I use the assumptive close?”

If I had a pound for everytime someone has emailed me with one of those questions then I’d be on my yacht writing this blog post!

Sales people get hung up about using “closing statements“. They assume that no matter what has gone on before that by asking for the business in the write way that it will compensate for it!

Now that’s just ridiculous!

I’ve even been asked to run workshops that include all of the closing lines under the sun! And they were not even interested in anything else! (I declined!)

The key to getting sales is to make your prospect and client interactions so effective that closing is just a natural progression of your discussion as opposed to a seperate “I’m now in my closing phase!”

The quality of your opening, the questions you ask, how you listen, how you uncover issues and pain, how you present your solutions and how you build up a relationship with this person are all far more important than learning a fancy closing line.

If you get the basics right then your prospects actually close themselves and it all it takes is a:

“Does this make sense to you?”


“In your opinion, is this something that you’d like to go with?”

If you’ve done your job properly upfront then asking these type of questions are just a natural next step in your already non-threatening two way discussion rather than entering into “the close”

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 11 June, 2009

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