Three Phrases to NEVER Use In A Cold Call

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Mature businessman covering mouthhile cold calling or warm calling, setting appointments or selling, every word out of your mouth on the telephone is critical.  You have probably heard of tons of words and terms that you should say on the telephone.  However, here are a few phrases you should avoid at all costs.

#1: My Name is…
While this simple introduction sounds innocent and essential, it is detrimental and unnecessary.    That pure introduction screams, “Hello! Stranger, telemarketer here!”  While you never want to try to fool the prospect into thinking that they know you if they do not, there are ways to introduce yourself with less abrupt “sting.”

Just do not say, “My name is…”  Instead, just state your name and company.

Wrong:            “Hi, my name is Steve Williams and I am with ABC Securities…”

Instead, try…   “Yes, Steve Williams, ABC Securities…”

This may look a bit strange on paper, but remember that the spoken word is much different from the written word.  Get rid of the “my name is…” phrase.

#2: Over Here, Over There
Avoid statements that emphasize that you and the prospect are in different places, especially if you are working long distance.  “So, Mr. Prospect, how is the weather over there?”  Such a question just hammers home the fact that you are far away and that they are about to do business with a voice.  Avoid statements that use terms like “over here” or “over there” or “my area” or “your location”, etc.

#3: My Time, Your Time
Time zones also create that long distance voice if you and the prospect are in different zones.  If so, and you need to verify times, then use standard zone terminology.

“Yes, Susan, so that means that we will start the video conference at 9:00 am BST, ok?”

Also, avoid saying “your time” when setting an appointment no matter the time zone.  Never say, “Your time…” as in, “Could I have a few minutes of your time?” or “the appointment will only take 30 minutes of your time.”

Instead, “Do you have a few minutes?”  or, “The meeting will last about 30 minutes…”

Can you see now why some cold calls are destined for failure when they begin with…

“Hi Mrs. Prospect!  My name is Steve Smith and I am with Best Book Keeping over here in Northampton, and I was wondering if I might have just a few minutes of your time?”


Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 20 July, 2011

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