7 Time Management Tips From The World’s Most Unsuccessful & Laziest Entrepreneur!

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I’ve just been fortunate enough (I think!) to interview the world’s laziest, most unsuccessful sales person and entrepreneur and he’s given me his top 7 tips for guaranteeing that you’ll get nothing done. So please, put down that “to do list”, close that MS calender and take his advice right now!

TIP # 1 – Use The 2 Step Lead Qualification Model
Don’t bother qualifying your prospects. There, that’ll save you about 20 days per year in time alone! Instead, have an open door policy and use the two step model for qualification:

Step 1
Has the prospect got a pulse? If yes, please move on to step 2, if no then what are you doing talking to dead people or pieces of furniture?!

Step 2
Place a mirror in front of the prospect’s face and ask them to breathe on the mirror. Do they make some condensation on the mirror? If yes then they are a qualified prospect, if no then you’re in real trouble!

TIP # 2 – The Short Cut Way To Prioritize Your Tasks (if you have them that is!)
Write down your top 10 tasks and put them on 10 pieces of A4 paper. Go to the top of the stairs and thrown them all up in the air at the same time. The sheet of paper that makes it down the stairs the furthest is the task you should start on and then work you’re way up the stairs in order. See, who needs a £500 time management system after all, this one’s free!

TIP # 3 – When Harry Met Sally Works For Me!
As Meg Ryan groaned “YES, YES, YES!” Don’t learn to say NO to get more done instead say YES to everything! You won’t have the embarrassing feelings of letting anyone down too!

TIP # 4 – Start Work Later
None of this “get to work 1 hour earlier each day and you’ll make up an additional 30 odd days a year in work” Just imagine an additional 30 odd days worth in bed!? Yeah baby Yeah!

TIP # 5 – Business Plans & Sales Plans Are For Whimps
Why have a plan of what you’d like to achieve with your business or sales when you can just “go with the flow”. Heck, writing things down is hard work and there’s loads of great shows on the TV so fitting the time in is really difficult to write the list.

TIP # 6 – Ask Yourself “Will meeting this prospect today get me out of the office and will it enable me to drive straight home afterwards instead of going back to the office?”
If the answer is yes then get that booked into the diary quickly before someone else gets the lead.

TIP # 7 – Make A To Do List For The To Do List
To do lists are over-rated but if you have to make one make sure you plan it out and make a to do list for the to do list. This makes sure it never gets done. And anyway, by the time you’ve written the damn thing it changes anyway and it makes a right mess of your writing pad!

Interviewing the world’s most unsuccessful and laziest sales person and entrepreneur was a real joy and a positively uplifting experience (NOT!). In-fact, it was a complete waste if my time! So read the advice of my “interviewee”, learn from it and completely ignore it!

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 23 March, 2009

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