Ways To Get Your Attitude Right

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Excited female employeeAttitudes are contagious…is yours worth catching?

What is an attitude, anyway? It’s your choice of feelings and emotions that drives your action.

Now, notice I said ‘your choice’. Many people go round acting as if someone has injected them with the ‘negative drug’, as if it’s everyone else’s fault that they are feeling this way. It’s as if they want the whole world to dedicate itself to making them happy.

Sorry, but there’s only one person who’s responsible for your attitude.

If you say your attitude today is because of that bad call or those poor leads or your negative boss, you’re basically saying that you hand over responsibility for your attitude to someone else. In effect, you’re saying  ‘I will allow you to control how I feel. You control me, Mr Prospect. However you respond will determine how I feel. So, how would you like me to feel today?’

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

OK, how do you take control and make your personal attitude one that you choose and one that you want to keep?

Here’s some ideas that will help you maintain that right attitude:

1. Take personal responsibility for all that happens to you: It all starts with you accepting the ownership of your attitude. Looking at things through emotionally negative glasses will distort everything you see. So, choose the attitude that creates a firm foundation for action

2.Don’t spend time, invest it: This means making a choice as to what you do every hour of the day. If you choose to spend 5 hours in front of garbage TV, then accept the consequences. Don’t blame others for feeling tired the next day. Instead, invest some time in things that will give you a return in the future.

3. Create a group of positive friends that you listen to every day: And if you can’t find any, invest in them on CD so you can listen to them every day. Their positive input will encourage your thought processes toward the positive

4. Listen to how you talk: Become aware of how you speak about people and situations. Notice if you are blaming other things or people for your negativity. As the saying goes…you can visit Pity City, but don’t live there.

5. Develop a reframe mentality: This means that whatever happens to you, you decide how you’re going to view it. You can have fun with this. We play a game called ‘bad news, good news’ where someone comes up with some bad news, then another person in the team has to ‘reframe’ it by telling a consequential piece of good news. This silly but interesting game forces you to think of something positive, and gets you mind off the negative stuff. It also leaves a smile on your face, which is always good!

6. Develop your own positive outlook: You do this by deciding to. Every moment, decide the best way to feel. Create an aura of choice around you. Stop casting the first stone. By allowing yourself to concentrate on the positive side, your focus will  create a different view and you’ll see solutions where there were once problems.

It all starts with your attitude. Get that right, and you give yourself a better chance of success.

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Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 28 July, 2010

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