When They Want You To Call Back In The Future

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Business woman holding phoneNow, is this a real obstacle or is it a stall?

They may say something like “Give me a call in six months and we’ll see”. Does the prospect really want your product, or is there something else? Can they afford it? Is the price ok? Or is it simply a polite way of saying no?

In fact, if they ask you to call in the future, maybe you haven’t found the real reason for the stall.

It could be a number of reasons:

You haven’t built enough value for buying now

You haven’t established enough confidence in the buyer to decide now

There isn’t trust, desire or urgency to buy now

The customer simply doesn’t need the product now

Whatever the reason they give, decide if you have dug deep enough to find the truth behind this. Is the prospect the true decision-maker? Do they have the money? Do they like your product? Will it fulfill a need now?

It would be suitable to ask specific questions, like “What will be different in 3,6 or 12 months? How will the decision be made in the future? Is that a different process to today? How about if you purchased now and paid in six months?

Show your prospect that save more by buying now, rather than in the future.

Show how a delay may actually cost them more than buying in the future.

Show how the advantages of buying now outweigh the expense of waiting to solve the problem.

Remember, you have to uncover the  true need, desire or want of the prospect before you start to present solutions. If you make sure your product or service will deal with a current problem or opportunity, then waiting will only cause more pain for their business. Asking you to call back in the future then won’t make sense. Make sure they see the value of dealing with you NOW!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 22 December, 2010

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