You Don’t Have To Be Better Just Different!

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I’ve just got off the phone with a FTSE 100 company (yes, one that is actually making money!) that has asked me to speak at their international sales conference on the subject of differentiation and uniqueness.

Of course I’m going to use a better title than that for my talk!

Now there’s a valuable lesson in this…

You see, nowadays you don’t need to be better to get the business. Sometimes you just need to be different.

Just step into the shoes of your prospects and clients for a moment and you’ll see what I mean:

Your prospects will receive tons of direct mail letters and boring “I’ll call you in the next 4 days to discuss”

They all look and offer the same thing!

Your prospects will receive tons of cold calls from people just like you and your competitors – you’ll all sound the same and you’ll all you use the same techniques. Boring!

When you meet with your prospect and go over your USP’s I’d bet that they’re all a much of a muchness compared to the competition too. “We offer the best after sales service” – come on, everyone says that!

So, differentiating yourself is more difficult in today’s marketplace when it comes to your services and products.

…..and even if you have got some unique points to make, your prospect will not believe you to start with.

So how can you set yourself apart from the rest?

Well, I could be here all day but let me give you just one idea that I’ve used in the past and it has worked wonders!

When prospecting…

Send a chocolate foot in the post and title the letter: “We’d love to get our foot in the door!”
Then when you call up you will be remembered!

You see, you will be remembered!

So have a think of any creative ideas in your prospecting and in your selling that will make you stand apart.

Does that mean that you’re better?

Well, no.

You’re just being different.

And all you need to start with is a receptive ear to move the sales forward.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 7 April, 2009

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