Your Prospects Suffer From An Attention Deficit!

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Attention Please. Megaphone Banner With Chat Bubble. Special OffWhen it comes to selling, a lot of talk is always made about sales technique or fancy closes to use etc

But an area that is often overlooked is the attention span of our prospects.

Let’s face it, our prospects are being bombarded every single day with advertisements, promotions, marketing – you name it! They are overworked, time poor and have huge pressures heaped upon them from their superiors at work.

So if you sell B2B you need to realise that your prospects are just crying out to be led by an expert.

Frankly speaking they cannot afford to spend days, weeks or even months on selecting a short list of vendors for their products and services – they simply do not have the time.

Therefore, you need to appreciate that speed of response is a vital ingredient for success in modern day selling. If a prospect contacts your company you can really set yourself apart from the competition by getting to them first and being the first “expert” to start the relationship with them.

You could have had an initial telephone conversation, have sent some further information out to them and spoken to them twice before your rivals have even got back to them the first time!

This is critical.

You can have the best sales people in the world but if your contact systems are not geared up properly then you’ll always be in a heavy reactive mode.

So appreciate that today’s modern buyers are strapped for time. They have an attention deficit disorder and when prospects are in this mode they look for short cuts.

So if you can practically do things for them, educate them, cut the length of the process down for them and also demonstrate your expertise, then you’ll go a long towards to cementing that relationship that will really make the difference in your selling.

Surprise them and grab their attention from the outset and that positive first impression will pay big dividends.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 29 June, 2009

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