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So,Your Point Of Contact’s Left…What Now?

I’m sure you have many clients, or even advocates, who have been doing business with you for some time. And it’s possible that you have built up a good relationship with the buyer you have been dealing with. They are good for references and testimonials. They offer help when you need it. They keep you informed proactively of changes happening…

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7 Different Key Account Management Definitions. Which One Is Yours?

So what is a Key Account? Think about your own organisation and what you class as a key account. Here are the 7 most common types of classification: • Are they just the big ones? • Are they the ones you mustn’t lose? • Are they the ones that offer future profit? • Are they the ones you want your…

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The Right Way To Set Goals – Seeing Them From The Customer’s Perspective

I remember being on the road with a salesperson whom I was coaching to take up a senior sales position within the company he was working for. His business had called me in to help him improve, as it seemed he had plateaued in his sales skills, and his boss was wondering what direction to take him next. Suffice to…

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One Change That Can Make Or Break Business Partnerships

We often hear about how ‘relationships’ make or break the long-term partnership with a client, and it’s true that the connection that you keep with the client can play a vital part in determining whether you will keep getting repeat orders or not from your client. But our studies have shown that there is one main component in a supplier/client…

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Tips For Successful Account Management

It is 6 to 7 times harder to convert a new customer than to sell to an existing one. This is exactly why Key Account Management is one of the most important aspects of the sales process and an integral facet of every single business. Being a successful account manager means more than knowing your customers, being proactive and quickly…

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10 Ideas That Make Business Relationships Work

Many salespeople and sales managers that I meet and work with are really excellent at their job. They accentuate the positive nature of what they do, and create reasons for clients to not only do business with them in the first place, but also remain loyal, even in the face of concerns and trouble. What do they bring to the…

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How To Turn Customers Into Long-Term Clients – Video Blog

As a sales person and business owner, you can be great at prospecting and setting appointments, and you can be great at closing the deal and delivering the desired results after the sale – but until you can turn your one-time clients into long-term customers you will not be able to build and grow your business the way you need…

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12 Tips To Nurture And Build Relationships With Clients

Gavin Ingham once said “Most salespeople make a sale to a client and then move on to the next one. Most clients think that salespeople only ring them when they want to a) sell something new or b) renew their contracts. If someone only rang you when they wanted to sell your something or get you to commit to a new…

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A Plan For Successful KEY Accounts Management

Closing the sale is one thing. However successfully managing the account is yet another level of selling entirely. In particularly, when dealing with large, major or key accounts; after the sale management is where the actual selling begins. The following is a generic, but effective plan to help you better manage key accounts. Consult & Advise If you did your…

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For Greater Customer Loyalty, Keep Selling!

To grow your business, you have to open new doors, but you also must successfully cultivate current relationships. While there are a ton of “after-the-sale-best practices”, this seldom thought about tip, may be the most essential of them all. Try this and it will help you cultivate deeper relationships and turn more one-time customers into long-time clients. The Next Step…

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