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The 4 Essentials For All Sales People Before That First Call Of The Day

Your sales manager will tell you many times that you need to make all your calls and get as many appointments as possible. You need to build your numbers and create more opportunities; talk to more people and follow-up your calls. You don’t really need to be told all this. You’re professional enough to know your routine; you just need…

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Steal My Cold Calling Script – Responding To “I’m Not Interested”

Cold calling is still an effective method of business development – if done correctly! Too many sales people try to bulldozer their way to making appointments or try to wear down the prospect with heavy hitting hard sales tactics. And this is wrong. But how much persistence should you have on a cold call? Should you just give up on…

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How Refreshing! A Neat Little Thing To Say At The Start Of Your Telephone Cold Calls That Won’t P*ss Your Prospect Off!

Robotic. That’s what 99% of telesales people sound like when they open a call. They get you on the phone and then immediately “show up and throw up” all over you with the same old, same old phrases such as: “How are you today?” “My name is Jo Blow from XYZ, we specialise in…” “You don’t know me but my…

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Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work

Are you sick of all of the wonderful pitches, tips and magical scripts you’ve heard on cold calling? Are you also tired of listening to the naysayers that cold calling is impossible, useless and has no place today? Well cold calling does indeed still have a place on today’s sales playing ground, and while the face of this tried and…

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Cold Calling

You are all ready to go. You have all of your leads for the day prepared and lined up in front of you. You have all of your rebuttals ready, and you have rehearsed your main talking points. You are ready to begin your cold calling session. You pick up the telephone and make the first call. The prospect was…

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5 Powerful Voice Mail Tips For The Cold Caller

Running into voice mail when prospecting has become a more intrusive and frustrating problem. Just the decision on whether or not you should even leave a voice mail message, is a good question. However, if you decide to leave a voice message, you may want to note these five tips. They represent some of the most common voice mail blunders…

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A Cold Call Intro For A Guaranteed Warm Response!

Just what in the world is it that really puts people off when they receive a cold call? Let’s face it; we know that for years the buying public has been becoming more frustrated and annoyed by telephone solicitation. But sometimes the reaction is near hostile. If you are like most professional sales people, you actually don’t mind if someone…

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Phone Phobia Is More Than The Fear Of Making Cold Calls

In today’s world of e-prospecting, social media marketing, texting and sophisticated electronic communication, it seems picking up the telephone is becoming a lost art. Although we all know that no matter how the future continues to unfold, the telephone will always be an integral part of sales success. The problem I have found is that in the wake of all…

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3 Cold Calling Myths Debunked

In spite of a gazillion tips, tricks and magical scripts on cold calling, sales people at every level and in every profession still struggle with this often unavoidable task. While cold calling advice ranges from the useful and practical, to the sublime and ridiculous, there are some cold calling ideas and beliefs that are actually harmful. There are some ideas…

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The End Of The Call Is As Important As The Beginning

There are countless tips, tricks and gimmicks on how to begin a cold call. Of course, the majority of these ideas focus on how to get the call started or how to begin the call and hopefully develop some rapport. However, there is so much focus on how to begin the call, that how you end the call NEVER gets…

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