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Here’s A Great Way To Get Your Clients To Open Your Emails…

When we do buyers’ surveys, it is interesting to note how many people tell us that they are overwhelmed at work. The amount of work they have to do has increased exponentially and you’ve seen and read those articles saying how many people take work home with them and are basically unable to switch off, even when they are at…

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Five Mistakes When Using Sales Emails

Technology has been a game-changer in every respect in our world. It’s driven everything from improvements in science to advancements in medicine. The world is an unrecognisable place from when I was at school over twenty years ago. One of the biggest changes and advancements has come in the area of communications. Where salespeople used to have to type out letters and…

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Guaranteed Ways To Get Prospects To Open Your Emails

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from salespeople is the inability to get their prospects to open the emails that they send to them. Many think that just because the product they sell will change the prospect’s world for the better, then the email will do the job for them, and they can’t understand that their emails get something…

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3 Vital Tips On Sending Email During The Sale

Often during the sales process it is necessary to send email to the prospect, and usually the prospect is in the middle of the decision making process. The email correspondence you send during this crucial time period is critical to your success. The slightest misunderstanding or miscue could derail all of the good work you have done. Below are three…

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Even After All Of This “Web Stuff” You Still Need To Engage With Your Prospects

You made the initial contact through LinkedIn. You then directed the prospect to your company website for additional information. You emailed more documentation and now it is time to call to set an appointment. Fear begins to set in. Will you face a strong gatekeeper screen? Will the prospect have time to talk? Will your voice present the wrong image…

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A Major Email Blunder To Avoid

In the recent post, “3 Major Issues to Remember With Email,” I highlighted a few areas that you must keep in mind when e-corresponding with your prospective customers: 1. Be prudent in sending a professional image.  Be careful not to get too relaxed and casual with email.  2. Remember that email has no emotion.  There is no voice inflection or…

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3 Major Issues to Remember With Email

Let’s face it: Today nearly every successful sales process has to include some kind of email correspondence between buyer and seller.  Somewhere along the line, the sales person will have to contact the prospect via electronic or other virtual means and most often, it will be in the form of email, even if it’s to thank the prospect for meeting them….

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3 Important Tips on Sending Emails During the Sales Process

Corresponding with your prospects via email messaging during the sales process is often necessary, yet can cause some serious problems. Misunderstandings and mistakes can cost you sales and money. It is vital that your email correspondence is clear, concise and effective. Below are three important email tips that will help you maintain continuity and flow during the sales process. Keep…

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Moving From Face To Face To Email Selling

I received a great question from Richard who asked me about moving from a face to face to email selling sales model. Here’s what he asked: “We are trying to move our prospecting and sales processes to email selling and want to know how best to start the process. We have existing longstanding clients who have become accustomed to in-person…

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Should You Declare Email Bankruptcy?

Go and take a look at your inbox… Are you on top of your emails or are your emails in complete control of you? I’ve just got off the phone with one of my best friends who just told me that he’s declared himself email bankrupt! He found it to be very liberating! He’s heavy into social media and was…

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