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Is A Career In Sales The Right Career For You?

Businessman Thinking Professional Office Corporate Concept

So, you’ve been in your current role for a few years and achieved a relative degree of success. Now, though, you’ve seen your enthusiasm and drive start to wane. You’re concerned because you don’t want to look back in five or ten years and feel you’ve wasted your career. You seriously are concerned that you’re in the wrong job. There…

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New To Sales? Here Are 5 Ways To Make Yourself More Valuable…

We often see people who are new in sales on our programmes, some of whom having even started selling yet. They ask my trainers how they can quickly get up to speed and get results. We offer some suggestions and recommendations, but essentially it’s the individual themselves who are in charge of how they develop. My top trainers have given…

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A Great Sales Lesson That Will Make You Memorable To Your Customers

There was a story going around the internet that was probably apocryphal, but I like to think it was true, as it gives a valuable lesson in sales, if not in life generally. A university student at a business school was carrying out his final exam when the last question came up. It simply asked: “What is the first name…

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7 Ways To Build Value In The Customer’s Eyes (Psst..It’s Not Always About Money!)

building up value

A recent straw-poll that we carried out with a series of buyers showed a interesting fact about how salespeople approach concerns that those buyers have. We asked the question concerning how often salespeople resort to lowering their prices when price wasn’t really a concern. Fully three-quarters of the respondents (74%) said that this happened most, if not all, of the…

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Are Your KPI’s In The Way Of Your KRA’s?

key performance indicators

Most salespeople we train know they need to achieve their KPI’s, as this is the key measurement against which their performance is analysed. Normally these performance areas revolve around the number of calls they need to make, the amount of leads they need to generate or the time spent on each lead. It is necessary to have these performance indicators…

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes Sales People Make

When discussions move round to the subject of sales, conversations often get quite negative. The profession has, in many circles, a bad reputation and it’s obvious to many that the salespeople they have been dealing with have difficulties in emotional intelligence so they can’t see when they are being unprofessional and unlikely to get the sale. A little like the…

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Be A First Rate Version Of Yourself, Not A Second Rate Version Of Someone Else

I remember years ago being on a training course where we were learning coaching skills. The facilitator was coaching someone to use a golf putter when they had never played golf in their life. It was fun to watch this person try to hit a golf ball a few yards across the room into a cup laying on its side….

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An Impressive Way To Stand Out From Your Competition

I watched the First Night of the Proms at the weekend (well, there is a little time left in my life for culture!) and, as usual, the co-ordination and cohesion between all the players in the orchestra was magnificent. The harmonies majestically played underneath the main themes and everyone was beautifully controlled by the conductor. It set me thinking about…

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Buyers Want Appreciating Assets, So Turn Yourself Into One

When an asset such as stock, property or personal property increases in value without any improvements or modification being made to it, it’s called appreciation. Certain things have the potential to appreciate, and it all depends on a number of issues, including uniqueness or increased demand. If a business can have assets that appreciate for them, there’s a fine chance…

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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

In sales, a lot can depend on the outcome and results of our efforts. If we succeed or progress with the sale, we tend to increase our motivation, improve our self-esteem and build our credibility. If we lose a sale or don’t progress, it tends to have the opposite effect. Much of our motivation is dependent upon extrinsic or external…

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