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Three Buying Motives Of The Modern-Day Buyer

Selling today is all about recognising the true motivations of buyers and aligning your presentation/solution to match their needs and desires. We all know that. So, with an up-to-date buyer, who has little in the way of time and resources to spend, what do we need to do to assist them to make a decision to choose us and our…

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People Buy For Reasons, Not For Logic

The challenge is often raised – “if we know why people buy we would always sell to them!” We talk about “buying triggers” and we use plenty of related jargon to talk about the moment at which people buy something, the reasons people buy something and what we can do to influence it. It is possible to apply logic but…

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How Digital Influence Affects The Way Your Customers Buy

You don’t need me to tell you that we need to increase and improve our customers’ experiences for them to develop loyalty and advocacy to our businesses. Depending too much on new customers rather than selling more to existing ones is a sure-fire way to send yourself into oblivion. Customer experiences are the new way to measure success in sales. They…

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What The Modern-Day Buyer Is Telling You – If Only You Would Listen!

We’ve said it many times and it deserves repetition… Most salespeople sell today as they did yesterday, to buyers who don’t exist anymore. The sales techniques that are still being taught by sales managers (and many training companies) put the emphasis on how to sell…the processes and techniques that get you in front of a prospect, how to overcome objections…

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How The Social Media Movement Has Changed The Face Of Selling

I have spoken many times on this blog about how the sales process has changed, and that the modern day buyer now makes their purchasing decisions in a completely different way to their predecessors. Modern day buyers are much more sales savvy than before, and are able to find out everything they need to know to help them make a…

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