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Gavin Wins Natural Born Sellers

……just don’t ask me how! So there I was just preparing to write my blog on how well Danny and Anna-Marie did in the latest task, about their “out of the box” thinking, their creativity and their activity rates and up comes Gavin with one deal and he wins the whole damn show. Ridiculous really. His sob sob story about…

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Natural Born Sellers – How To Give Demonstrations

QUICK NOTE – I was bombarded with emails asking where my comments were on the blog this week. My apologies but I was in Amsterdam giving a keynotes talk to a team of sales people at their yearly conference so I had to watch the episode on internet tv just now! By the way, if you want to receive my…

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Natural Born Sellers – You Can Be Too Friendly

The Natural Born Sellers Update – Selling Hot Tubs at the Southampton Boat Show So Danny wins his third top dog position in 4 weeks! Awesome. He is definately a natural born seller. ….and Gavin scraped in again! And it’s Gavin’s selling I want to look at within this update. YOU CAN ACTUALLY BE TOO FRIENDLY Gavin got a rollickin from…

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Natural Born Sellers – Scott English RIP

The competition took a cut throat approach tonight as the “silent assassin” Anna-Marie voted out one of the strongest contestants in Scott English. Gavin was yet again in the bottom three and is by far the worst sales person in the group and has been from day one. Although very likeable, he talks a good talk but doesn’t delivery the…

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Natural Born Sellers – The Natural Born Sellers Update

The Natural Born Sellers roadshow moved to Wakefield this week with West Yorkshire Windows. Click here for my comments on Natural Born Sellers Episode III Here are my observations, comments and thoughts… A School Boy Error Danny’s first attempt at a sale was a right cock up. Two straight talking OAP’s came into the showroom, he duly set the appointment,…

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Natural Born Sellers Update – Are You A Natural Born Seller?

Natural Born Sellers Click here for my comments on Natural Born Sellers Episode III Stop Press – for my comments on Episode II click here: Natural Born Sellers II Make sure that you sign up in the top right hand corner of my webpage for regular Natural Born Sellers blog updates. I’m going to be pulling no punches when commenting…

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