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The Exact Time To Drop The ‘F-Bomb’ With Your Prospects

During my career in the finance industry, I had many occasions to discuss opportunities with prospects that centred around their investments, pensions, banking circumstances and the like. I would listen attentively as they told me what had happened in the past, how they had sometimes burned their fingers with investments and how they had made killings in other situations. It…

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4 ‘Freebies’ For Your Prospect That Generates Future Business

Free Stuff Concept

When you hold a door open for someone to follow you, what do they naturally say to you? When you offer someone a compliment or admiring comment, what do they normally say back? You’ll probably answer those questions with something like ‘Thank you’ or ‘That’s kind of you. I appreciate it’ This follows a social law that we habitually follow…

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6 Steps That Help Your Prospect Know They’ve Made The Right Decision

We’re often taught as salespeople that we have the best solution for prospect’s businesses and that we should be able to sell to everyone. If they don’t buy, then our sales managers think you haven’t tried enough or you made some errors along the way. While these ideas may be correct in some circumstances, we can only get so far…

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Use These 5 Icebreakers To Gain The Most Info From Your Prospect

Building sales rapport

When you have your first meeting with your new prospect, it is vital that you make a good impression, as this will create the impact that will determine the opinion of the prospect to both you and your products or services. Having witnessed quite a few initial meetings myself, it often puzzles me why salespeople don’t think this stage of…

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The 23 Word Email To Shake Up Stale Deals – Infographic

following stale leads

We’ve all been there before – those deals that have gone all stale and quiet. It can’t be a coincidence that every time you call the once keen prospect – they’re away from their desk, on another line or in meetings! You’ve called and emailed to the point where any more would deem you a pest! So, how do you…

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The 10 Questions That Will Uncover All Prospect Problems

We often talk about how to present solutions and results-oriented discussions with prospects for when they need to know how we can help them. Naturally, there are many ways to get the prospect aware of how our services can improve their business. But how about when the prospect doesn’t feel the need for change at the moment? What if they…

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How Do You Get Inside The Mind Of Your Prospect?

You might know the theory that people are either left- or right-brain oriented. This idea separates people into categories depending on how they think. This is definitely a generalisation, as it’s not that you use only your left brain or only your right brain; everyone uses both. It’s just that you prefer to use one side over the other. And…

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Have You Built Enough Reasons For The Prospect To Choose You?

Often, we find when with a prospect that the time has come to present a solution to their needs and wants. In the old days, we would say we are ‘going for the close’. It’s at this point that we should take a step back, mentally, and consider whether we have built up enough trust, confidence and belief so that…

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Can Online Meetings Really Help You To Close The Deal? Part 1

Nowadays there is more pressure than ever before to meet or speak with as many prospects as you can and to optimize your time more effectively.  I recently met with Mark Jones – Head of Learning & Development at MeetingZone Ltd, who specialise in unified communications, web conferencing, webinars and conference calls. I met with Mark to discuss how the…

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Do You Try To Add Value? – Infographic

When selling to the prospect it is sometimes difficult to add value and get the message across to the client of all the wonderful features your product possesses. Here is an infographic which gives you seven different tools to add to your armoury of adding value. It can give your pitch or proposal that bit of added depth and will more…

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